Sun shine over the Belchamps

The winter sun has shown itself over the belchamps
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Church Ruins - Belchamp Walter
After discovering an area of Suffolk I hadn't been before I was pleased to have had the company of the sun. I was pointed in the direction of the Belchamps recently and have discovered some really nice areas of countryside. On one of my walks around I noticed a ruined church. As I approached I found out that it is just one wall of a tower standing in the middle of a field with no trace of anything else around it. It was an inspiring subject and thankfully it was a nice day, so I took a few photos and made some sketches. That was a couple of weeks ago now and I have revisited them and painted the two pieces from that day back in the studio. Here is one (Church ruins - Belchamp Walter) and the other (Breaking light - Belchamp Walter) can be found on my blog and in the 2012 gallery.