Featured in 'Anglia Afloat'

My painting 'Barges at Pin Mill' was featured in Anglia Afloat
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The East Anglian Group of Marine Artists had a good three page spread in the boating magazine 'Anglia Afloat'. Myself together with Andrew King, Richard Dack, Ian Piper and Paul Darley were featured with our marine paintings. Below is the story behind 'Barges at Pin Mill' which can be seen in the 2013 gallery. The painting will also be shown at this years Royal Society of MArine Artists exhibition.

'Barges at Pin Mill', oil on board, 37cm x 37cm

For me the essence of Pin Mill is captured by sunlit boats against a woodland backdrop and lots of wet mud reflecting the sky. The perfect spot is from the Hard looking East - barges and houseboats create an interesting play of highlights and shadows along the bank. I took a few trips gathering information in the form of drawings and oil sketches. On one trip I was lucky enough to be there at the same time as someone who was working on what I thought was a barge, which features in my painting. I was invited aboard and surprised at what I was about to find out. The 'barge' was in fact a sunken concrete lighter, used in WWII to move supplies and equipment up and down the river. Pin Mill was home to Royal Navy Motor Launches during the War and was a restricted area with guard points on the approach. This Lighter was found full of mud further up the river. He told me how at low tide they dug it out and bolted plywood either side of holes in the concrete. When the tide returned, the lighter floated and they were able to move it into its current position, the ply was knocked out and the lighter sank into the mud. Being concrete it will stay in its current position and is now used to moor barges against. Working in front of the subject is very rewarding and sometimes you find a richer history than expected.